Teacher Training: We provide practical training for teachers in Christian day-care centres, kindergartens, school and churches. We teach basics on child development, discipline and how to prepare materials according to specific age groups. We also teach the importance of teaching young children already about God and the bible and want to supply skills, books, materials and help in making sure that young children learn to love the God of the Bible. This course consists of 3 phases and is held on invitation by kindergarten and school leaders, priests and communities.

Christian Identity Training: We provide a basic course especially for youth and those working with youth, to answer the questions about what it means to be a Christian. We want to inspire all woman, men and youths to understand and embrace their Christian identity and to read and understand the basis of all Christians: the Bible. This course is held on invitation by a Christian priest or community leader.

Trauma Awareness and Debriefing: We support Christian teachers, social workers, nuns, priests and other professionals who have to deal with individuals and families, that are traumatized by terror and war. We offer a basic course to practise basic skills of debriefing and recognizing trauma.

Working with traumatised children: We offer specific training for professionals working with children. Many children look normal, but they have seen and experienced terrible things. We want to help give professionals tools to help understand children, who have trouble sleeping, act aggressive, stop speaking, regress in their behaviour and suffer the effects of severe stress.

Trauma counseling for victims of violence: We provide Trauma Counselling courses, to priests, nuns, teachers, and others that are in contact with those, who suffered from physical, psychological or emotional accidents in Baghdad, Mosul or other cities in Iraq.

Christian Libraries: We provide some churches with Christian libraries to stimulate independent reading,  with the aim to spread encouragement, education and learning among the Christians of Iraq. Through providing educational, spiritual and scientific books to churches and any other interested persons is important in raising the awareness and develop the knowledge of people.

We provide Christian books to existing Christian libraries all over the country. Requests are made by priests and Christian leaders.

Forming partnerships – our training values

  • We desire to train Christian children, youth, leaders, lay personnel and professionals within the context of the local church. We do not want to replace or undermine the activities of the church, but to come along side of local churches and to support local churches with materials and know-how. Therefore we will partner with churches to host the specifically requested training and to find appropriate settings.
  •              We work only with trainers/ consultants who are qualified professionals with many years of experience and great knowledge in their areas of expertise.
  •              We are committed to respecting church leadership
  •              We work mostly in small group settings (10 – 15) as our emphasis is on empowering locals to learn practical skills and to be able to reproduce our trainings.
  •              We are interested in translating training materials into local languages and have financial means to help achieve this goal.
  •              We desire to offer the trainings as a package and are committed to working alongside partners not only for the short term. We will discuss the detailed approach with the leaders responsible, but we are willing and able to be involved in setting up and organizing trainings for each location (church parish, monetary or seminary) for a period of 3-5 years.
  •              We offer training courses, training materials and on-going coaching/ mentoring so that there can be a structured approach for partners to take on teaching and training activities themselves.